About us

The company Schmedt GmbH & Co. KG

Bookbinders, printers and post print companies know Schmedt as a reliable and competent partner with high knowledge und superb service. Our family driven company exists since more than 60 years in the tradition of the Hanse. With experience and know-how from four generations we work in two different field, which complete each other in a perfect way:

The development and manufacturing of bookbinding machines and the wholesale trade with supplies, consumables and tools for the bookbinding and printing industry. In addition we also buy and sell new and refurbished machinery as well. This experience has grown our vision

The World of Bookbinding. Die ganze Welt des Buchbindens.

This vision we live every day and proof it with our name, our experience and our employees. We would like to find an answer to all your questions regaarding the bookbinding and books with hardcover. We seek for the best products and machines for you and your work - and when you are looking for something we do not have - we will find it for you!
As a familiy owned company in the fourth generation we trust in sustainability. This means that we care about values like loyalty,, honesty, responsibility and integrety within the company and against customers, suppliers and partners,  national as well as international as the basement of our actions. For us sustainability is also working in conformity to legal terms, environmental rules, healthcare and human rights as well as refusing corropution and child labour.
Our goal is the strengthening of our market position, self-sustaining by considering the mentioned values, rules and laws mentioned before - for the sake of all persons involved.

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