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 bdbi-gif-60x53-fo BDBI German Bookbinders Guild (Bund Deutscher Buchbinder e.V.)
Aachen / Germany
logo_gr-gif-46x61-fo Bookbinding-Colleg
Stuttgart / Germany
wko-gif-96x36-fo Austrian Guild of Bookbinders (Bundesinnung der Buchbinderei)
Vienna / Austria
cbl-gif-54x52-fo centro del bel libro
Bellinzona / Switzerland
2 German Bookbinding Museum
Mainz / Germany
 1 German National Library / German Museum for Fonts
Leipzig / Germany
klingsp-gif-128x23-fo Klingspor-Museum for international Art of Books and Fontz
Offenbach / Germany
mde-gif-71x58-fo MDE Master for the Art of Covers
International Union e.V.
Aachen / Germany
ibhu-jpg-97x35-fo Institute for the Science of Libraries and Information
Humboldt-University Berlin / Germany
bvdm-gif-108x33-fo51f93a77c54e5 Federal Association Print and Media e.V.
Wiesbaden / Germany
orv_logo-png-69x51-fo Austrian Association of Conservatory
Vienna / Austria
logo_de-1-gif-155x30-fo Gutenberg Museum
Freiburg / Switzerland
dbv_logo-gif-100x43-fo German Library Association e.V.
Berlin / Germany
logo-bumaint-jpg-150x77-fo Book Manufacturer International e.V.
Augustfehn / Germany
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