The three beams in the Schmedt-logo indicate the three business departments in the company.

  • Wholesale  business for supplies and consumables
  • Manufacturing of bookbinding machines
  • Services

The wholesale for bookbinding supplies

For more than 100 years Schmedt is partner for bookbinder and the bookbinding industry. More than 10.000 different products from Aceton bto Zanders-paper is shipped worldwide. The huge high-rack facility and a state-of-the-art ERP allow a reaction-time within 24 hours between order and shipment.

Since many years Schmedt publishes a catalogue, which give a good overview about the available products. The online-shop allows to order 24/7 and offer a shopping.experience. Here there are videos and many more information available.
The offered materials and supplies complete in an optimal way the production of books with Schmedt´s bookbinding machines.


The manufacturing of bookbinding machines

Since the beginning of the 60ties of the last century, Schmedt is manufacturing machines for the bookbinding industry. The first machines have been developed together with bookbinders among the customers. The focus always has been and is, that the machines fit for ther making of small and medium editions. Hence to allow the making of books of different formats without additional set-up-time.
The manufacturing is on a high quality level and with the latest production machines in a modern plant.
The scope of machines cover the whole range of the manufacturing process of making a hardcover-book: Block- and case-making as well as finishing and embossing. Information about all machines could be find on our YouTube channel or live in our democenter, the bookbinding academy.


As a manufacturer we sure take care for maintenance and repair services for our machines. We offer a worldwide shipping service for spare parts, a hotline (including remote maintenance) and care for the installation on site.
Our material will be cut-to-size as per the needs of our customers packed and marked as per advise and be shipped worldwide.
We train operators and offer seminars and courses for bookbinding techniques and the use of machines and materials in our modern democenter.
We offer sample-service and -production in addition to our range of services.

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