1. Survey, processing and use of your personal data
2. Change and/or deletion of your personal data/your personal account
3. Secured ordering through SSL-protected transmission (Secure Socket Layer)
4. What setting is being used for encription?
5. Additional services 6. Use of cookies withing our online-shop
7. Orders at Schmedt without the acceptance of cookies

1. Survey, processing and use of your personal data
The protection of your personal data is our first priority. Thus we would like to inform you about how we protect your privacy. We will use, process and save your data only for processing your order in our online-shop. If you request other service like i.e. subscription of our newsletter you have to agree to it seperately. We use your e-mail adress for our newsletter only. We do not give access to your e-mail adress to third parties.
To open an account and to process your order, we need your first and last name, your e-mail adress, your billing and - if deviate from it - your delivery adress (street and number, ZIP-code and town, your phone number and a password for the login to our shop. You r password should constist of a minimum of 7 characters and a combination from letters, number and/or special characters to get a higher level of security. In addition you  should avoid simple passwords like i.e. aaaaaaaaa or numericals like 123456789.
When you have registered for your personal account, you can use the account for your future orders without registering again. You may change your data in your account in any time. Immediately after registration you will get a confirmation by e-mail. The user name will be then your personal email adress in addition with your choosen password. Your email adress and phone number is being used to contact you immedaitely if there are questions regarding your order.
If you do register for a poersonal account, we will use your data for thge single processing of your order only.

2. Change and/or deletion of your personal data/your personal account

If you have registered yourself for the shop, you could change all your personal data by choosing the menu "my account" at any time. In addition you may as well create a wish list or a list to  compare articles and change the status for the subscription of our newsletter. If you want your account to be deleted from our shop, please contact us by email . We will remove your data immediately from our database.

3. Secured ordering through SSL-protected transmission (Secure Socket Layer)
The transmission of your data is encrypted through secure socket layer (SSL). SSL is a state-of-the-artz technology, which assures the protection of your personal data while transfering through the internet. Of you register for a personal account or place an order, your personal data will be transferred to us. To avoid the abuse of this data, we encrypt them through SSL (Secure-Socket-Layer). At present SSL is the common solution for secure data transport in the internet.

With SSL their is a protection of personal data, which a customer transfers through the internet to a server of a company. SSL allows a triple protection:
- all data entries which should be transferred, will be encrypted
- it is ensured, that ther form is returned only to the server from which it has been opened.
- there is a test, if the data has been transferred completely and unchanged to the appropriate receivers

SSL is being used, if you can see a little lock in the status line of your browser on your screen. In addition the URL will change from HTTP to HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure). Furthermore we do protect or website and all our other information systems with technical and organisational actions against abuse, loss, destruction, access, change or distribution of your data by unauthorized persons.

To process and ship your order, we transfer only the appropriate data to the transport organisation which is neccessary for the transportation. The forwarding of your data is required also, if you pay by credit card. In this case we will forward your cc-data to our payment service proveider. In general we ascertain, save and process data only within legal terms

4. What setting is being used for encription?
The setting is being used is the ecryption protocol SSL 3.0/TLS 1.0, key length: RSA 2048 Bit, SHA1.

5. Additional services
We offer additional service for you. Herefor we do need your approval.

- Register for an online account
To avoid to insert your data again for every order, you can register a customer account at our online-shop. After you have successfully registered you will receive a confirmation by email. If you visit our shop the next time you may insert username (email adress) and your individual password for the check-out or changes within your account. Then all your data will be automatically  be loaded into the order form.

- Subscription of the Schmedt-newsletter
If you subscribe for the newsletter, you will be informed regurlary by e-mail about news and specials. If you do not want to receive the newsletter anymore, just use the link in the newsletter to unsubscribe or use the option to unsubscribe within your customer account. Else you could send us an e-mail as well.

- Use of the comment function

In our online-shop there is the possiblity to state your opinion, compliments and reviews and publishing in the comment-forms. Here your data is protected as in the shop. Only your name and your comment will be published. Everything else like your email adresse will not be displayed on the wesdite at all. To leave a comment in our shop, you need a customers account and have to be logged in.

6. Use of cookies withing our online-shop
A "cookie" is a small file, which will be transferred from us to your competer, while you are visiting our site.A cookie contains only information sent to your computer by ourselves - private data could not be read. If you accept cookies from our website, we do not have any access to your personal data but could identify your computer. IP-adresses from which the request has being sent will not being saved. Thus we can not and will not create user profiles. The restored data is being used for the development of our service and range of products only. In general we can not track which user has been requested which information.

In particular there will be stored only the following information:
- name of the requested file
- date and time of the request
- transferred data volume
- report, if the request was successful
- description of the browser being used
- operating system being used

Cookies in our online-shop are being used for:
- easy access to and administration of your shopping cart while shopping
- to recognize you at your next visit (payment terms, shipment terms, country of delivery, language etc.)

With this information we can analyze and optimize our website for the future use. The most browsers do accept cookies on default. You may change it to a temporarily acceptance within the settings of your browser. If you deactivate the cookies, there might not all functions in our shop work properly and some sites may not be displayed correctly. In our shop we use cookies only to ensure the proper and convenient process of your shopping. To use our shopping cart you need to enable cookies for our site in your browser! After the check-out, the cookies will make sure that all data will be deleted automatically.

7. Orders at Schmedt without the acceptance of cookies
If you do not accept cookies at all, you may order withoiut registering in the shop by phone (+49 40/734744-0) or by email.

For questions regarding privacy...
...please send an email to: info(at)

We are at your service!

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